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Do you ever think about how much of you is out there?

... Just sitting online, unprotected and open to anyone?

Your data is shared everywhere: across social media accounts, when you sign up to websites, it's on your favourite shopping sites, or even when you click 'like' on the latest cat video.

It doesn't take much effort to guess passwords and steal personal information without you or your business even knowing. This can be sold to criminals who can wreak some very serious havoc on your unintended double life.

Enter Veda's Identity Watch.

More than one in five Australians have experienced identity crime*. Yep. No high fives here.
  • "After shopping online I noticed some dodgy purchases on my credit card from both the UK and the US. I had my card cancelled but I don’t know who else has my details. At least with Identity Watch I can stay one step ahead." Justine
  • "We immediately checked out exactly what Identity Watch had picked up. It was our email accounts (x2). We contacted our ISP and changed our passwords as a cautionary approach." Geoff
  • "I had my bank accounts details stolen. I got back the money I lost but I had no idea where my details ended up. Identity Watch gives me peace of mind." Rachel
* Identity Theft in Australia: The Current Problem. Veda Group. Omnibus Survey by The Leading Edge. n = 1511 Australians aged 18+. March 2015