Why pick us to look after your data?

Because as Australia and New Zealand's largest credit bureau, we live and breathe all things data, and we have done so for many decades. We're not a start-up with a bright idea; we are a trusted brand brimming with bright ideas - and backed by almost half a century of business experience.

We hold 20 million credit files
20 million credit files
We hold 20 million credit files across Australia and New Zealand.
Nearly 50 years looking after Australians' credit information
Nearly 50 years' experience
We have spent more than 45 years looking after Australia’s credit information.
We look after over 5 million businesses
We know business
We look after more than 5.7 million businesses nationwide.

The bigger picture

Everything we do at Veda is to empower people. We're on a mission to make your data work for you so that you can live the life you want, or your business can reach the success it deserves to.

When it comes to identity theft, we've spent 10 long years working out the best way to stop cyber thieves in their tracks. And as they get savvier, so do we.

Over to you

Now it's your turn. We want to help you protect your most valuable asset - your personal data. For the cost of a decaf-mocha-latte (or whatever caffeine fix you desire) each month, we can do just that.

What are you waiting for?