Will your company's data be next?

Data breaches are on the increase, but your business doesn't have to be a victim. Get your protection sorted today, so you don't wake up with an 'I've-just-been-hacked' headache tomorrow.

The rise and rise of the Internet is a boon for business. Trades take place online; briefings can be sent globally in a moment; video conferencing has never been easier. The downside is that businesses like yours could be unwittingly exposing themselves to data breaches – at the same time as hackers are getting smarter and savvier.

Each time a business' data is breached, it costs the business in time and money. Each breach in Australia is estimated to cost the business involved a not-so-cool $2.16 million – costing the economy as a whole $1.6 billion a year.

It's not just us talking about data security and this isn't solely a big-business issue either. Sixty-five per cent of Australians are worried that companies will leak their personal info.

So how can you get ahead of the game?

Talk to us about the data breach solutions available to you, so you can get back to what your business does best.

Data breaches happen every day to companies, big and small.

Don't let yours be next.

Major companies like Target (US), Home Depot, Facebook, Gmail and eBay have all had their data breached, including their confidential customer information. Those businesses have spent millions trying to salvage their integrity and their databases, let alone manage their reputation. This can be avoided – we can help you get ahead of this outcome:

  • Don’t risk your reputation: Data breaches do more than cost money – they risk your entire business.
  • Get your employees involved: Staff can be one of the weakest links within a company’s security, because they can be tricked by fraudsters. Empower your staff to look after their personal and work information.
  • Be savvy: Tell us what confidential information you want us to monitor, so we can help to look after you, your employees and your customers.
  • We work for you 24/7: We search criminal forums around the clock, and we know first if something goes wrong.

Get a data breach solution to fit your needs.

At Veda we don’t believe ‘one size fits all’, so whether your business is taking out Identity Watch as a precaution or you have experienced a data breach and you want to take steps to be more proactive to prevent this happening again – get in touch.

We can help give you more peace of mind, packaged up in an easy solution.