Compare our plans: Gold vs Platinum

From just $3.99 a month you can have peace of mind that we will trawl the web for mentions of your private data 24/7, and you'll be alerted immediately if it falls into the wrong hands.

Choose between the Gold Plan (up to 15 items for us to look out for) and the Platinum Plan (up to 26 items). Both are annual plans with flexible payment options - you can opt to pay up front or monthly.



Cover up to 15 items


Cover up to 26 items

Credit/Debit Cards 3 8
Bank Accounts 3 5
Email Addresses 2 3
Phone Numbers 2 3
Medicare Cards 1 2
Passports 1 2
Drivers Licence 1 1
eBay Username & Password 1 1
PayPal Username & Password 1 1




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